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Louisiana Rice Notes – Issue 2


Acephate found on exported rice

A detectable a level of acephate (an organophosphate insecticide) was identified in a recent shipment of rice by a receiving country’s grain inspection service. This is the third time acephate has been detected in U.S. exported rice the past three months.

In Louisiana, acephate is

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Cover crop management decisions

Reproductive structure of the Brassica cover crops.

Josh Lofton and Beatrix Haggard, LSU AgCenter

Now is the time when most cover crops shift from fall and winter growth to spring growth. Evaluate spring management of cover crops based on intended purpose, cover crop planted, and successive crop. Termination needs to have already occurred or needs to occur shortly. For soybeans and cotton

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Wheat Disease Management Update

Stripe rust in wheat.

Trey Price and Boyd Padgett- LSU AgCenter


If not properly managed, diseases can negatively impact yield and quality. Leaf rust and stripe rust are the most troublesome diseases producers have to manage. Based on LSU AgCenter tests, yields may be reduced by 50 percent by rusts. This demonstrates the need to effectively manage these

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N management in wheat

Josh Lofton, Steve Harrison, and Beatrix Haggard- LSU AgCenter

As we transition from January to February and wheat begins to show spring growth, it’s time to think about applying topdress N fertilizer. Most wheat is around Feekes 5 (green-up; http://varietytesting.tamu.edu/wheat/docs/mime-5.pdf) growth stage, and it’s time to begin applying topdress N. Decisions on N fertilization rate

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Louisiana Rice Notes – Issue 1 – January 21, 2015

Please find the first issue of the 2015 Louisiana Rice Notes below.

Link for pdf LA Rice notes 1 21 2015_1.

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2014 Grain Sorghum Research and Extension Summary

By: Rick Mascagni and Josh Lofton, LSU AgCenter




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Josh Lofton, Field crop agronomist, LSU AgCenter, jlofton@agcenter.lsu.edu


2015 Soybean Variety Yields and Production Practices


Dr. Ronnie Levy: LSU AgCenter Soybean Specialist

2015 Soybean Variety Yields and Production Practices

For more information please contact Dr. Ronnie Levy at rlevy@agcenter.lsu.edu

Cover Crop Workshop – January 21, 2015


World Soil Day

Today is World Soil Day. If you have any questions about soil samples, cover crops, or fertilizers please contact your local extension agent.


Remember to soil test, don’t guess.

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Beatrix Haggard