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Localized Decline in Rice

Localized Decline in Rice published on No Comments on Localized Decline in Rice

It has been a while since I have used photographs of localized decline in Field Notes.  The affected field is in Evangeline parish.  I do not have any soil test data, but the field representative said he suspected a zinc deficiency in the soil.  Dr. Dustin Harrell’s studies have shown that high levels of zinc can prevent the problem in areas of known problems or correct it in situations like this one.  The field has been fertilized and flooded and draining will compromise fertility and weed control.  Ten pounds of actual zinc as zinc sulfate or two pounds as a foliar chelate were recommended.  The symptoms here are thinning of the stand and bronzing of the lower leaves.  You do not have the advantage of a view of the remainder of the field; however the affected areas were very obvious.


area rice field affected by localized decline
area of rice field affected by localized decline

symptoms of localized decline on rice plants
symptoms of localized decline on rice plants



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