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rotten neck blast in rice

Rotten Neck Blast in Rice

Rotten Neck Blast in Rice published on No Comments on Rotten Neck Blast in Rice

Dr. Linscombe took the photograph shown below in his plots on the Research Station.  It looks like borer damage, but is severe rotten neck blast in the California variety M-206 which is very susceptible to blast.  Dr. Groth said he now has rotten neck blast in M-202, CL162, and Rex.  In the Field Notes supplement sent out May 21st, he reported he had leaf blast on CL151, CL152, CL162, CL182, CL261, Cypress, Jupiter, Rex, and Wells.  So it is not totally surprising to see the rotten neck form on some of the same varieties.

It is clearly a year to use fungicides.  As I said to Owen Taylor who writes Rice Fax, it is not a matter of whether to spray or not, but a matter of what to use, how much and when.  If you need help with any of that give your local county agent a call and we will be glad to help.

rotten neck blast in rice
rotten neck blast in rice

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