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Bacterial panicle blight in rice

Bacterial Panicle Blight in Rice

Bacterial Panicle Blight in Rice published on No Comments on Bacterial Panicle Blight in Rice
Bacterial panicle blight in rice
Bacterial panicle blight in rice


With the amount of rice flowering for the past couple of weeks I was expecting to get more calls about the disease shown at right.  There are several things to look at in the photograph that help us identify the disease.  The base of the some of the pedicels (where that part of the plant joins the spikelet) are discolored.  Note its discoloration compared to others that are green. Also take a look at the band of slightly darker area of some of the spikelets in comparison to those that are completely straw colored.  Third diagnostic aids are the green panicle branches.  What cannot be seen in the photograph is the absence of grain in the affected spikelets.


The disease is bacterial panicle blight.  It is associated with high night time temperatures during flowering.  Just as a reminder, no matter how much fungicide is used it will not control this disease.  Fungicides control fungi NOT bacteria.  We have nothing to control bacterial panicle blight yet.  The only thing we can recommend is to plant a variety that is resistant or moderately susceptible or plant early to avoid flowering when night time temperatures have risen.

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