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Kudzu Bug Adult

PEST ALERT: Kudzu Bugs Found in Vicksburg, Mississippi

PEST ALERT: Kudzu Bugs Found in Vicksburg, Mississippi published on 2 Comments on PEST ALERT: Kudzu Bugs Found in Vicksburg, Mississippi

PEST ALERT:The Kudzu Bug (Bean Plataspid) has been found in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This is an invasive soybean pest that has not been detected in Louisiana. The Kudzu Bug can cause significant injury to soybeans and migration from Kudzu is common. If this insect is found, or for more information, please contact the LSU AgCenter. Below is contact information for LSU AgCenter entomologists and LDAF personnel.

Kudzu bugs on soybeans
Kudzu bugs on soybeans: Photo by J. Greene

Jeffrey A. Davis: LSU AgCenter Assistant Professor-Research Soybean Entomologist and Soybean IPM

Kudzu Bug Adult
Kudzu Bug Adult

Office: 225-578-5618   Cell: 225-747-0351

David Kerns: LSU AgCenter Associate Professor- Macon Ridge

Office: 319-435-2157       Cell: 318-439-4844

Julien Beuzelin: LSU AgCenter Assistant Professor-Field Crops Insect Ecology & Pest Managment

Office: 318-473-6523         Cell: 337-501-7087

Sebe Brown: LSU AgCenter Extension Entomologist Northeast Region

Cell: 318-498-1283

Richard Miller: LDAF Administrative Coordinator Quarantine Programs  Office: 225-952-8053


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