Section 24c Granted for Acephate in Louisiana Soybeans

This special local need label allows soybean producers to apply a maximum of  2lbs (ai/acre) of acephate  per season. The previous maximum was 1.5lbs (ai/acre)  per season.

For more information or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Sebe Brown at 318-498-1283 (cell) or 318-435-2903 (office)

Dr. David Kerns at 318-439-4844 (cell) or 318-435-2157 (office)

Dr. Julien Beuzelin at 337-501-7087 (cell) or 318-473-6523 (office)

Dr. Jeff Davis at 225-747-0351 (cell) or 225-578-5618 (office)


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