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Water Sampling Guidelines

Water Sampling Guidelines published on No Comments on Water Sampling Guidelines

Beatrix Haggard, Soil Specialist, Northeast Region

Chang Jeong, Water Quality Specialist, Red River Research Station

James Hendrix, Master Farmer Associate Area Agent, Northeast Region


Even with the rain that has passed through the region this week, the next step for many producers is irrigation. With increasing salt levels in many wells, producers and consultants have been diligent with obtaining water samples before irrigating. However, as important as it is to collect a water sample, it is also important that the water is collected correctly. The following is a simple list to follow regarding sample collection.

1)      Run the pump for at least 2 hours before collecting the sample.

2)      Rinse the sample container out with distilled water; this can be purchased at your grocery store.

3)      If you are interested in nitrates, make sure that the sample is kept on ice.

The above items are very important to keep in mind when taking samples. Better sampling protocols are the first step for accurate water sample data.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Beatrix Haggard, Northeast Soil Specialist, (318) 498-2967

Chang Jeong, Water Quality Specialist, (337) 591-1990

James Hendrix, Master Farmer Associate Area Agent, (318) 235-7198


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