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Preliminary results for statewide grain sorghum OVT

Preliminary results for statewide grain sorghum OVT published on No Comments on Preliminary results for statewide grain sorghum OVT

Rick Mascagni, Dustin Harrell, Blair Buckley, William Waltman, Daniel Fromme, and Josh Lofton- LSU AgCenter

Preliminary results are attached from the 2014 official grain sorghum hybrid trials. Results presented include individual hybrid trials from the six statewide locations as well as the average yield across all trial locations. This information should be utilized as a tool to aid in the coming year’s hybrid
selection. In the coming weeks we should have the complete hybrid test information available including all agronomic variables.  As this was a challenging year for insect damage and disease pressure, this information should be used as well to guide hybrid decisions.  Please note that as these are preliminary results some information, including addition or removal of hybrids, may be warranted following analysis of the complete data set.


Click the below link for the hybrid trial information across the state:



For further questions regarding grain sorghum hybrid selection, please contact:

Josh Lofton, Statewide grain sorghum specialist,

For full documentation and to participate in future LSU AgCenter hybrid trials, please contact:

Rick Mascagni, Grain Agronomist, Northeast Research Station, St. Joseph, LA,


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